we can help end plastic waste!

Every cleanup is more than just a cleanup!

Why? Because you make a difference. When a piece of litter is in your hands, it becomes your choice. Will it end up as a piece of trash in the landfill or in the ocean, or will it get a chance to be turned into something new?

Join the #Clean4Change community and help us end plastic waste in the environment.

1,506,133 pieces of litter collected. 54 cities.

Make an impact today
With your support we can rid beaches, parks and cities of plastic waste. Below are some tools that can help you get started.

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Questions and answers
Questions and answers
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How can I participate?
If you can't join one of our upcoming events, the easiest and fastest way is to download the Litterati app and join the challenge with the code: C4C_PUBLIC. Every time you see a piece of litter – open the app, take a picture and upload it once you’ve picked up the piece of litter. Download the app for iOS and Android.
Can I organise my own events?
Absolutely, we have toolkits and checklists available in the "Organise a Cleanup" section to help you plan you own event. Also, you can get in touch with Jeslyn from our community team for tips and tricks and to post the event here on the website: get in touch.
Is it ok to go out and clean-up in times of COVID-19?
Please stay safe and adhere to the local laws, regulations, requirements and recommendations – also, wear a mask and be extra careful to keep a distance in line with social distancing regulations. All events organised by/in collaboration with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste will adhere to strict guidelines.
There are no cleanup events near me, what can I do?
If local restrictions allow, you can participate using the Litterati app or consider to organise your own cleanup. If you have any other questions, email us at
What is Litterati?

Litterati is a mobile app that applies a crowd-sourced approach to data and cleanup of litter around the world, leveraging the great power of data to understand not only the source, but the solution to the global problem.

The app encourages users to identify, collect, and geo-tag the world’s litter, and allows the creation of groups and challenges making trash pickup a community effort.

Here is the Litterati YouTube Tutorial and FAQ page for users to get acquainted with the app. Additional background information on their website.

How do I use the Litterati app during the Clean4Change campaign?
Using the Litterati app is extremely easy. After an employee enters the challenge code provided by their company and signs up for the Clean4Change challenge, simply find discarded litter in your neighbourhood to photograph. Take a picture of the litter with the camera in the Litterati app. Click Upload to make it official. The app automatically geo-tags the image with Litterati’s LitterAI tool and recommends the kind of litter you collected. Simply confirm the tags to help the LitterAI keep learning. And don’t forget to discard the litter you’ve photographed properly.
Is it available on iOS & Android?
Yes, the app is available on both platforms for free. Please download here—iOS, Android
What language is the app available in?
Currently the app will automatically display in the language your phone settings are in. This includes Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish, Thai, Portuguese, Malay, Italian, Bahasa ID and Vietnamese. All other languages default to English currently.
Is the Litterati app General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant?

Litterati is GDPR compliant.

All new users are completely anonymous. If/or when a user chooses to claim their account via email or Facebook, there is a clear, direct checkbox for them to say whether they consent to receiving marketing communications from Litterati, and if they say ‘yes,’ every email has a clear and direct ‘unsubscribe’ link.

Is the Litterati app Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act compliant?

Litterati is COPPA compliant.

Litterati built the 'Anonymous Account' function in part for COPPA compliance as anonymous users are not required to share any personal information to access & utilize the core functionality of the application.

For participating employees who want to use Litterati with their family & they have young children, we recommend either (A) having children use and share your account or (B) if children under the age of 13 want their own account, parental consent is required and we recommend children use an anonymous account.